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Valerie Grijalva, AMFT

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist 

My Specialties

Clients:  Young Adults, Working Professionals, Students, Teens (Ages 16-18), Women

Issues: Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Women's Issues, Spirituality, Grief/Loss, Co-Dependency, Stress, Relationship & Self-Esteem Issues

My Approach

Do you feel a constant weight from your roles and responsibilities in life? It is exhausting to keep your head up and smiling when you feel like you just can't? Do you feel worried and ashamed at the thought of people seeing and knowing the "real" you?  Life can be more challenging than we expect which is why it's my passion to support clients in need of clarity, guidance, and hope. 

I help students and young adults wrestling with the unsettling and overwhelming feelings of anxiety that come up with major life transitions and juggling multiple schedules. I support working professionals in learning how to manage stress and burnout as well as perfectionism and imposter syndrome. I provide a space for women to explore their worries, build their self-esteem, and develop more healthy relationships with themselves and others. As a multi-ethnic woman, I understand the strain of meeting and balancing the expectations of our roles and responsibilities in life. I also value incorporating one's faith into exploring the tension inner-conflict can bring and find more peace in your everyday living.

While I use several techniques from different therapeutic modalities to meet the needs of each client, I work best from a whole-person, attachment-based and psychodynamic approach to help clients understand the root of their issues and how they affect present experiences. I also use motivational interviewing to help clients specify their goals for therapy, and cognitive-behavioral techniques to help clients adjust their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to integrate change.

As a therapist, I honor the steps it takes to be truly open and honest with yourself and your experiences. In partnering with you on your therapeutic journey, I provide a non-judgmental and supportive space for you to explore and process the issues and areas in your life you would like to see change in. Coming to therapy may be challenging, but it can also be a vital and transformative step in gaining insight that promotes meaningful change in your life. I am honored to walk alongside you and look forward to our meaningful work together!


 Let's connect.


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