Olivia Morales, AMFT 

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist 

My Approach

There are moments in life that we want tools and answers, and there are others where we just need to be heard. Whether you are looking for someone to give you solvable strategies for your struggles or to provide supportive listening, my couch is the one for you!


We can all experience emotions that we feel unprepared for. In those moments, it is hard to find where to begin or where those feelings stem from. That’s where I come in. I am here to sit with you and map out a clear path from where to start, all the way to reaching the end result you desire.

Together we will build you a strong set of tools you will use in order to be more resilient, to easily cope, and to navigate all the challenges life throws at you. My style of counseling is supportive, consistent, and nonjudgmental. You are not alone and I am happy to remind you of that throughout our journey of growth together.


 Let's connect.